Medical Certification in Question by the FAA? Need Assistance?

Has your Medical Certification ever been in question with the F.A.A and you need some confidential assistance?

We know what you're going through and have successfully helped pilots, with cases just like yours. 

Yes, you can try to gather favorable documentation on your own, or you can have a professional review your records and expedite submission for you.

I work directly with the FAA and as a Liaison for Pilots needing FAA Medical Certification. 

If you're tired of breaking the pocket book in hopes for a favorable decision, you've come to the right place.

Let me go to work for you! 

Let me be your Aviation Medical Manager. I, along with my medical staff will confidentially walk you through the process needed in order for your case to look favorable before we submit or re-submit your documents to the F.A.A. Medical Records Review Board.