Pilot Testimonials

Quotes I am a private pilot and due to a complex D.W.I. case, Lisa was able to work with me, my attorney and the F.A.A.. She confidentially reviewed my records and helped assist me with what was needed to be favorable to the F.A.A.. With her thoroughness and determination I was finally approved. Couldn't have done it without OK Aviation Medical Consulting. Thank you! Quotes
R. Burns 3rd Class Pilot
Excellent Service

Quotes I was recently in a medical hurdle with getting my certification approved in the U.S.. Although I was flying Internationally. My family lives in the U.S. and I desperately wanted to move here and fly in the States. Due to the help and guidance of Lisa Gordon I am now approved. Thank you so much! Quotes
Chris H.
1st Class Commercial Pilot

Quotes I have been working as a corporate pilot for 30 years. I had some medical issues and the F.A.A. wanted more information or I was going to be denied. This is my livelihood! This is all I've known for 30 years. I happened to have had a co-pilot who had been approved by Lisa @ OK Aviation Medical. Sure enough, she helped me through my case, got me approved. Now I'm back up and flying with my co-pilot. I will continue to retain Lisa's services yearly in case I ever need help with anything else or need help with Escrow Services. Quotes
John S.
2nd Class Corporate Pilot

Quotes Thank you Lisa for handling my case. I started off retaining services of an attorney in Texas who thought he'd get me approved to Fly. I spent thousands on his services and he got me deferred. That is when I learned of OK Aviation Medical Services with Lisa Gordon. She was able to expedite my case, along with turn things around that were favorable to the F.A.A.. I now have my 2nd Class back. Thanks again so much! Quotes
Alan B.
WOW! I'm Approved. 2nd Class Airman

Quotes Thank you Lisa for giving me the ability to fly again. Even though I've decided to go Sport Pilot, I now have the means to do so, due to Lisa having to work my complex medical case in order for me to first be approved for a waiver of my 3rd class. Thanks again! Quotes
Ron L.
Happy 3rd Class Airman

Quotes Lisa Gordon has renewed my Holiday Cheer by working with myself, my physicians and the F.A.A. on behalf of obtaining my medical certification. Thank you Lisa for restoring my cheer & giving me the ability to Fly once again! Quotes
Joseph H.
Ecstatic 2nd Class Pilot

Quotes After going through many stressful loop-holes with the F.A.A. vs. my D.U.I. case, I had lost hope. I was about to lose my job as a pilot and just when I was about to throw in the towel. It was then that I met Lisa Gordon. She fought with me from start to finish. She was my rock and my only hope. Through her ambition, determination and knowledge, I received my 1st class certification. Without Lisa, I'd no longer work in the field I love the most. I am very grateful. Thank you. Quotes
B. Kirby
Commercial Pilot

Quotes I thought with having been diagnosed with cancer that I'd never fly again. Then I met Lisa Gordon. She confidentially worked my case and with her knowledge and thoroughness I am not only certified again, but going from 3rd class to 2nd. Quotes
P. Mundt
Private Pilot

Quotes I currently serve as a General Manager and Managing Partner for my company. I am also a corporate pilot and certified flight instructor. It is in the latter capacity that I came to know and work with Lisa. Lisa possesses every skill necessary to be a positive addition to any business. Her dependability, consistence in performance and character as well as a thorough knowledge of The Federal Aviation Administration and airmen regulations makes her an excellent candidate. Her ability to help me with a delicate aeromedical situation with the FAA took a great deal of time, care, knowledge and completeness. All of her superior work let to me being able to keep my employment as a pilot. I will forever be grateful to Lisa for her thoroughness and care through my FAA Case. Quotes
Rob V.
Corporate Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor

Quotes It is with pleasure that I recommend Lisa. I have had the opportunity to personally work with Lisa and I have found her to be a very competent professional. Lisa worked on a very sensitive issue for me and was able to help me secure my FAA Pilot's License Medical Certificate. Lisa had to assimilate complex medical records and deal with sensitive topics. She was able to do all of this with a high level of customer service while at the same time accomplishing the task at hand. Quotes
Ben W.
Satisfied Airman and Business Owner